Starting Over

After 25 years of policing, Deborah and I retired so I could carry on as a chaplain. After another 9 years of service to first responders, police, fire, EMS that time came to an end. We were then given the privilege of teaching First Responders the first of it's kind training seminar to both police and fire couples. This was hugely life-giving. Due to a shrinking economy in Alberta, the departments had to cut the budget for this important couples wellness training. We felt lost. One of our life purposes as a couple was gone.

After a couple of years of trying to set it aside, we kept coming back to our life purpose. This new website is our effort to "Start Over". We believe we have something to offer first responder couples. With all the training, experience, teaching and coaching we have done, we have tools we believe that can help first responders and their partners to be the very best support system possible to each other through a very rewarding but deeply challenging career.

Come give us a try and know that we can support you on this important journey. The video is an example of the training that we provided and the responses we received. It can make a difference.



Off-Duty Partners for Life

Box 643,

Turner Valley, AB



Tel: +1(403)630-8681​

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